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     Magna Graecia

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14th to 12th century B.C.: first settlements.

11th century B.C.: arrival of the lapyges, an Illyrian settlement, maybe together with some mycenians

706 B.C.: Greek emigrates from Sparta found Taranto.

7th century B.C: the Iapyges devide into to three people: Daunians, Peucetians and Messapians.

5th century B.C. : the Iapyge kingdoms turn into city-states which become more or less republics.

473 B.C.: Taranto is defeated by a Messapian-Peucetian alliance, but reaches quickly its cultural peak.

4th century B.C. : the greek cultural influence spreads over Apulia.

Ca. 400 B.C. : the romans occupy progressively Apulia.

109 A.D. : the emperor Trajan modernizes the roman roads network. The Via Traiana which connects Rome to Brindisi go through Apulia.