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Centuries of roman domination in Apulia erased most of the traces of former civilizations. Some sites are mentioned on the archaeological itineraries (in enhanced characters below), but the inheritage of the Iapyges is mainly composed of necropoles, and of the potteries found in these necropoles, which may be seen in different local museums.

  • Altamura Archaeological National Museum - 70022 Altamura
  • Canosa Civic Archaeological Museum (several archeological sites) in Canosa
  • Monopoli " Meo Evoli" Archaeological Museum - 70043 Monopoli
  • Monopoli Archaeological Museum - 70043 Monopoli
  • "Francesco Ribezzo" Provincial Brindisi Archaeological Museum - 72100 Brindisi
  • National Egnazia Archaeological Museum and archaeological area - 72015 Fasano
  • Oria " Francesco Milizia" Archaeological Museum - 72024 Oria
  • Oria Kalefati Collection - 72024 Oria
  • Oria Messapian Research Centers - 72024 Oria
  • Ostuni Museum Off Preclassical Civilizations off fhe Southern Murgia - 72017 Ostuni
  • Municipal Manduria Archaeological Collection - 74024 Manduria
  • Taranto Archaeological National Museum - 74100 Taranto
  • Provincial Museo Archeologico Sigismondo Castromediano - 75035 Lecce