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     Magna Graecia


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14th-12th century B.C.: first settlements.

11th century B.C: arrival of the lapyges, an illyrian settlement, which divided later into Daunians, Peucetians and Messapians.

5th century B.C.: Messapians build a half-circular wall to protect the peninsula.

Towards 420 B.C.: Strabon visits Gnathia.

6th – 3rd century B.C: Embellishment of the city, at the foot of the acropolis, in hellenistic style.

266 B.C.: The Romans occupy Gnathia.

38 B.C.: The Latin poet Horace visits the city.

109 B.C.: Emperor Trajan builds the Via Traiana, a modern and more convenient road connecting Rome to Brindisi.

411: the Visigoths, and later the Vandals, occupy Gnathia. The Ostrogoths, according to certain sources, finish its destruction towards 545.

19th century: Excavation of Messapian necropolis, creating of the expression “style of Gnathia”.