The ancient worlds:  

Maps of the Antique
Mediterranean Sea

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    Archaeological sites
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    Language and Writing

Ca 7000 B.C.: Human settlements at Byblos
6500 B.C.: First human traces in Ugarit
3000-2750 B.C.: Foundation of cities
2900 B.C.: Commercial trade with Egypt
2750 B.C.: Foundation of Tyre, temple of Melqart
...become Phoenicians
1300-1200 B.C.: With the rise of the Arameans, Hebrews and Philistines and the arrival of the “People of the Sea”, the northern coastal strip becomes Phoenicia.
1200 B.C.: Phoenicians explore the Mediterranean shores.
1000 B.C.: First significant alphabetical inscription on the tomb of Ahiram, king de Byblos
814 B.C.: Foundation of Carthage by Tyrians

Phoenicia dominated
805 B.C.: Assyrian invasion
681 B.C.: Sidon and Tyre under Assyrian domination
612-604 B.C.: Rise of the Babylonians, who defeat the Assyrians
586-573 B.C.: Nabuchodonosor destroys Tyre, Carthage expands and Sidon dominates Phoenicia
539 B.C.: Beginning of the Persian domination
332 B.C.: Alexandre the Great conquers Phoenicia. Tyre, which resists, is destroyed
The end of Carthage
264-241 B.C.: 1st Punic War
218-202 B.C.: 2nd Punic War
149-146 B.C.: 3rd Punic War: Carthage is totally destroyed in 146
65 B.C.: The Phoenician cities are under Roman control