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Few civilizations left as many vestiges as the Roman World. With the roman empire period begins a huge building phase, dictated by the requirements of the new cities, but also by the need to impose the prestige and the power of Rome. Any city of importance has its amphitheatre, its theatre or odeon, a forum, a basilica, temples, thermal baths supplied with aqueducts. This means thousands of constructions, of which hundreds are still at least partially visible, all over the ancient provinces of the Empire.
On our map below - centered on the Mediterranean area –some northern cities of Europe do not appear, but deserve a mention:

  • in Germany, Trier, Mainz, Xanten and the vestige of the Limes,
  • Carnuntum in Austria,
  • Plovdiv in Bulgaria,
  • Carwent, Caerleon, Chester, Silchester and Wroxeter, the Hadrian’s and Antoninus’ walls in Great Britain,
  • Budapest in Hungary.
  • The north of France keeps also many Gallo-Roman cities.
Download here (in pdf format) :
- a list of 480 roman sites,
- a list with 160 locations in France (pdf format, sorted by french "départements" numbers).

Thanks to Galen R Frysinger, for his pictures.